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MuayThai Curriculums (with Certificate Certified) :

1) FUNDAMENTAL MUAYTHAI : MuayThai Curriculum is the curriculum which give a skill of MuayThai to student accurately. The level of study will be divided in 4 levels starting from the basic of ability which include the primary skill of MUAYTHAI such as paying respect to their teacher ceremony, footstep of MUAYTHAI, defending and also using alouse, foot, knee and elbow. After basic skill, you will get into the medium skill (Intermediate Course). In this level, the student will learn about using effectively of arms and then go to advance level. The teacher will teach about the skill of advancing and defencing with the form of MUAYTHAI which is beautiful of techniques and tactics in Professional level. If students want to know more advance, the school has more advance class for them and students will know about MUAYTHAI history, development of MUAYTHAI and Thai traditions & cultures. 

2) MUAYTHAI  INSTRUCTORS :The curriculum of trainer prepared for student who completed all fundamental MuayThai levels. The student will know the detail of history and development of MUAYTHAI. Teaching in class will include technical, the step of teaching, shadow boxing, holding pads, step of clinching, step of sparring, MaeMai MuayThai, LookMai MuayThai, Kon MuayThai, MuayThai massaging and physical theraphy and including Thai Traditions. 

3) MUAYTHAI FOR REFEREES AND JUDGES : The curriculum of referee is divided into 2 parts which is amateur MUAYTHAI and Professional MUAYTHAI. The student will know about the detail of MUAYTHAI including rules and regulation of performing in boundary of referee as well as scoring and decision in any way, resolving a problem any control of the competition in any situation.


Further, there are many equipments such as boxing-gloves, head guards, shin guards, heavy bags, pratice rings, weight room, technical room, MUAYTHAI gallery with FREE wifi and also all MuayThai equipment. So you can say that "MUAYTHAI school is the world of haunting man in MUAYTHAI"

1.Fundamental MuayThai. 
The fundamental MuayThai Program is designed to provide individuals with the skills experience, knowledge of MuayThai culture and the using of parts of body as weapons (e.g. feet, knee, elbow, fists etc.) the individual may take one or all of these programs (course) to suit his/her own needs and ojective.

There are four fundamental MuayThai Course.

1.1 MuayThai 1 (Basic)                             duration 40 hours (at least 10 days). 

1.2 MuayThai 2 (Intermediate)              duration 50 hours (at least 13 days). 

1.3 MuayThai 3 (Advanced)                    duration 60 hours (at least 15 days). 

1.4 MuayThai 4 (Professional)               duration 300 hours (at least 90 days).

2. MuayThai for Instructor. 
Muaythai Programs for instructor courses are designed for those wish to become a MuayThai Instructor.

Three levels of proficiency course are offered :

2.1 Instructor 1 (Trainee Instructor)                duration 72 hours (at least 18 days). 

2.2 Instructor 2 (Qualified Instructor)             duration 72 hours (at least 18 days).

2.3 Instructor 3 (Senior Instructor)                  duration 80 hours (at least 21 days).

3. MuayThai for Referees and Judges. 
MuayThai programs for referees and judges are designed for those whose career choices may be to become registered amateur or professional referees and judges at local, national and international levels.

There are three levels of program proficiency.

3.1 Referee and Judge 1 (Local)                 duration 72 hours (at least 18 days).

3.2 Referee and Judge 2 (National)          duration 72 hours (at least 18 days).

3.3 Referee and Judge 3 (International)  duration 80 hours (at least 21 days).

MuayThai Training (For exercise without Certificate) :

This training programs are another option who would like to train MuayThai for exercise, self-defense, loose weight, keep fit, prepare for fight or even for short class after your seminars, meetings, grand opening, gala-dinner, before the party. The training can be held at our institute or our stadium or hotel or convention center or your place.

We can provide private 1 on 1, private group class, large-group for short class or long period.
- 1 Class                >> 1 session = 2 hours.
- 1 Day                  >> 2 sessions = 4 hours.
- 1 Week                >> 2 sessions a day, 7 days. 
- 10 Classes          >> any session within 90 days.
- 20 Classes          >> any seesion within 150 days.

- Private 1 on 1     >> by appointment, please contact.
- Private group    >> 
by appointment, please contact.

See the training time :

Round 6 - MuayThai Institute

Facilities :

- Accomodations
- Automatic Washing Machine (20-30 Baht each time) 
- Free WIFI and Fiber Optic High Speed Internet, speed at 30-200 Mb

- Weight Training  room 
- Body Weight Stations
- Shower Rooms & Rest Rooms
- Half court Basketball
- Indoor Futsal
- Indoor Badminton
- Snooker Table
- Table Tennis



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