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Mr.Cisneros Rudy

Mr.Cisneros Rudy (Kayan)



Address      : 626 West 2nd Street (Business 83) Mercedes, Texas 78570 USA.
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Telephone  : (956) 975-0021

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Mr.Cisneros Rudy (Kayan)
Student number at MTI Thailand : 47107

Instructor 2 (Qualified Instructor Course) G.P.A. = --, Grade -- on 10/11/2004

     Recieved permission and MTI licensed as representative to teach MuayThai 1, 2 and 3 at MuayThai Institute, Calgary Canada

Started on April 1, 2007 to present.



     MuayThai Institute-Texas by Mr.Cisneros Rudy (Kayan Sitsanthaparn) is associated with and representative of Head office of MuayThai Institute(MTI) located in the Rangsit Stadium in Rangsit Thailand. The MTI is the only MuayThai instructional facility that is accredited by World MuayThai Council (WMC) and Thai Ministry of Education globally.

MuayThai Institute-Texas, USA is both honored and pleased to teaching the MuayThai Basics principally taught in Thailand that follows the above standard. Three courses are presently avaliable:

MuayThai 1 : Basic course (Beginner's MuayThai)
MuayThai 2 : Intermediate course
MuayThai 3 : Advanced MuayThai course

     After full hours of instruction or training all MuayThai curriculum, students are eligible to test (exam) for MuayThai Certificate and Transcript that is provided by both MuayThai Institute Thailand and MuayThai Institute-Texas, USA. and applicants achievements are on record in Thailand as well. Students are advised to test when they are "ready" to satisfy all tested skills and Wai Kru demonstration - a traditional ceremony that pays resepct to teachers, lineage of teachers, parents, His Majesty the King and Queen and your country.

     Accordingly, it is required that to assist students in learning the "right attitude", and as is customary in Thailand; students are required to demonstrate the following mannerisms during training sessions.


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