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Full name : Mr.Amnuay Kesbumrung
Fight name : Ouy-Chai  LookMaTuLee
Place of birth : Suphanburi Province in 1935

Graduation : Higher Vocation Diploma of Mechanic Engineering, Pathumwan Insitute of Technology

MuayThai experience :
- since 1951, fight experience over than 400 fights on Western Boxing and MuayThai. 
- Fight for the Thai Army base in 1956 and got the 1st place of Army Transportation Tournament Cup.
- Second place of Amateur Boxing on Asian Game in 1958.
- 1960, established MuayThai camp under the name "Sit-Siam" and "Singh Suphan" and "Look Rangsit" and "Sor-Sukanya".
- 1961, became a MuayThai promotor of Rangsit Stadium.
- 1962, became a President of Rangsit Stadium by won the auction with 20,000 Baht.
- 1962 to present time, to promote MuayThai in the right attitude of high standard.
- 1995, to became of the first group of Cabinet & Committee of World MuayThai Council.
- 1997 to present, established the MuayThai Institute which was the first MuayThai school that recogzied by Ministry of Education, World MuayThai Council (WMC).
- 1999 to present, Founder and President of Former MuayThai Association.
- 2002 to present, Founder and President of Former MuayThai Foundation.


     The main principle and objective in establishing Muaythai Institute as accredited and permitted by the Ministry of Education is the standard operation to make this institute the information and research center on Muaythai to meet the demand of those who are interested worldwide. Before we can meet such standard, it is important to have systematic performance and basic training courses.

     To achieve this objective, we invited all qualified instructors who had expertise and skill in Muaythai to brainstorm, research, and compile the information to prepare a manual based on separate Muaythai courses for effective use of feet, knees, legs, punches, and elbows. This manual will be used as a textbook. 
Mr.Amnuay Kesbumrung 

     The work has been performed for over 1 year before this manual will be realized. This manual has all details about the techniques, background, culture, and tradition of Muaythai that will encourage the acceptance and appreciation in the fighting art acclaimed as "the King of all Martial Arts." 

     As Muaythai Institute was set up with the permission of the Ministry of Education and as all instructors who conducted the research and compiled the information with great effort are qualified academics, the Muaythai Manual should be regarded as a technical document accredited in the similar manner as Muaythai Institute. 
Muaythai Institute does not expect that the Muaythai Manual will cover all technical items concerning Muaythai but we do expect that it will give maximum benefit to those who are interested in Muaythai worldwide, regardless of sex and age. 

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