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RANGSIT STADIUM (since 1962)

   Rangsit Stadium was established since 1962 by Mr.Prasit U-rairat, he was the Pathumthani Governor, his objectives to promoted MuayThai around Pathumthani province but MuayThai didn't accepted well for the people in that period, so the stadium was closed for a while until the stadium was opened to seek for the new owner by auction.
   In the mean time, Mr.Amuay Kesbumrung was the Professional MuayThai and western boxing between 1950-1964, he had high passion to be the owner of stadium since he was kid then he did and won the auction with the first budget about 20,000 Baht in 1962, the stadium located nearby the Klong Rangsit of local Rangsit market which construction by sheets of zinc and woods around the stadium. 

   In 1966, the stadium relocated to the Sack Factory with the budget about 160,000 Baht, the stadium operated for 3 years in 1966-1969 then moved to another location.

   In 1969, the stadium located nearby the Rangsit Water plant.

   In 1970, the stadium relocated to the center of Rangsit Market, nearby the flowers market which signed the 10 years contract rent. The stadium operated and organized Professional MuayThai fights that made a lot of popular and great MuayThai fighters for decade.
   In 1980, Mr.Amnuay Kesbumrung decided to bought  the 7 rais land (or about 11,200 Sq.m.)  to built his own standard stadium with the 5 floors concrete construction building and all full MuayThai facilities, official opened on Dec 1985.  New "Rangsit Stadium" organized and promoted MuayThai Professional over then 30 years. There were over than 80,000 Professional fights who had fought at this stadium until 2010.  
   In 2010, Rangsit Staium had took over the Night Stadium Music Hall and renovated to be a new-generation MuayThai Stadium with sound system, lighting system, LED screens, air-condition, underground toilets with LCD TV and air-con.

   In 2011 MUAYTHAI LIVE ON TGN Channel, organzies by WMC
   In 2012-2013 MUAYTHAI TRUE VISIONS, Live on True 102 and Female MuayThai Tournament.
   In 2012 MUAYTHAI TGN, 
organzied by WMC
   In 2014-2015, "MUAYDEE VITHITHAI", live on Channel 11 every on Sunday afternoon at 3-5. 
   In 2016-2017 Our stadium has 3 MuayThai Matches a week; 

Friday Night : True4U Fight Night, Live on True4U channel at 6-8pm.
Sunday Noon : MuayDee WithiThai, Live on NBT channel at 12.45-14.45
Sunday Afternoon : MuayThai Channel 5, Live on Ch.5 at 4-6pm.
   In 2018, our stadium has 2 MuayThai matches a week;
Friday Night : True4U Fight Night, Live on True4U channel at 6-8pm. this event until October 12, 2018.
Sunday Noon : Youth MuayThai fight, promote and support beginner MuayThai fighters (NO TV Live) and 
Sunday Afternoon : MuayThai Channel 5, Live on Ch.5 at 4-6pm. this event until June 2018.


    FIGHT MATCH ON JULY 18, 1994   

    FIGHT MATCH ON JAN 31, 2016   

    FIGHT MATCH ON JAN 3, 2016   

    FIGHT MATCH ON APRIL 24, 2016   

    FIGHT MATCH ON JAN 27, 2017   

    FIGHT MATCH ON MARCH 2, 2018   

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    FIGHT MATCH ON OCT 15, 2021   

    FIGHT MATCH ON JANUARY 28, 2022   

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