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WAI KRU or Ritual Homage Before starting a bout, the boxers will perform traditional pre-boxing dance to pay ritual homage.

1. To lessen the excitement and stress before starting the bout
2. To build up concentration and morale support
3. To survey the ring floor
4. To find the weak points of the opponent
5. To greet and threaten the opponent
6. To stretch and warm up the body
7. To be more enthusiastic


The ritual homage and dancing will start with the traditional music traced back to the Ayutthaya period. The performance has been influenced by the Indian culture using the following musical instruments.
1. Cymbals
2. Javanese oboe
3. Male Indian drum
4. Female Indian drum
The song generally played during the dancing is Sarahma whereas the one played during the fight is Khaek Chao Sen. 

WaiKru - MuayThai Institute
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